Rainbow Six’s Blood Orchid DLC drops today

After 6 months of waiting and a 3-month delay, Rainbow Six: Siege’s Operation Blood Orchid update is finally here.

Siege’s 7th major update since launch, Blood Orchid gives players 3 new operators to play with and a new map set in an abandoned theme park in Hong Kong. Players are also promised a host of new cosmetic items.

Two of Blood Orchid’s three new operators are from Hong Kong’s Special Duties Unit. Ying comes armed with a cluster bomb of flash grenades that can be thrown, anchored on surfaces, or rolled under barricades. Her protective eyewear keeps her from being blinded by her own gadget, making it easier for her to rush in and eliminate her dazed foes.

Lesion comes equipped with several poisonous needles to place as traps for his enemies. Stepping on one will slow your movement speed and interfere with your vision. You’ll also suffer damage over time from the poison until you remove the needle, but doing so leaves you vulnerable for a moment.

Polish Operator Ela is releasing alongside the two Hong Kong characters. Her concussion mines leave her enemies stunned and slowed for a few seconds, making them easier targets for Ela and her teammates.

These new operators will be unlocked for season pass holders from today and made available for all players from September 12th.

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Operation Blood Orchid was first scheduled for release in May but was delayed to make way for Ubisoft’s “Operation Health” initiative, which eschewed new content in favour of bug fixes and technical improvements.

While improvements such as faster matchmaking and a public test server have already been deployed, the new patch contains an astonishing 1300 bug fixes and some shiny new servers that Ubisoft claims will “bring significant improvements to stability, connectivity, FPS, rubberbanding, and overall performance”.

“3 months ago, Operation Health was deployed as a major initiative to improve the game for the upcoming years,” Ubisoft explains.

“With the launch of Season 3, we are putting Operation Health behind us with our final update in Season 3, which is our largest patch we have ever deployed. In the future, we are still keeping the core pillars to focus on game optimization, top community issues reported by the community, and improving player experience. The groundwork in Operation Health will help us to continue to improve the game for the distant future.”

See the new operators in action in Blood Orchid’s launch trailer below.

Coinciding with the start of Season 3, Operation Blood Orchid will be deployed at 9am EDT on PS4, 10am EDT on Xbox One and 11am EDT on PC.


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