Now that Deus Ex has finally ended the summer games drought, we must brace ourselves for the flurry of new titles competing for our attention between now and Christmas.

When we’re waist deep in Calls of Duty (Call of Duties? Call of Duti?), Battlefields and Watch_Dogs, it’s easy for the low profile indie games to slip under the radar. I know this because my cleaning lady was dusting under my radar when she found Perception; an indie horror game with a blind protagonist.


Good horror games create fear by making the player feel vulnerable. Perception does this in a unique and clever way by taking away the player’s vision. It’s not as big a handicap as you’d imagine though; you can still “see” your environment using echolocation. It’s like The Unfinished Swan but less messy.

The gameplay is described as “hide and seek”, so we can expect to spend a lot of time hiding under beds or in wardrobes, holding our breath while we wait for something unpleasant to go away. This style has worked very well for horror games such as Outlast and Alien: Isolation.

While the unique perspective goes a long way in creating a creepy atmosphere, some of that work is undone by Cassie, the chatty protagonist. Of course, we only have trailers to go by at this point, but her commentary and oddly relaxed demeanour relieve a lot of the tension from what could otherwise be an unsettling experience.

Perception is in development at The Deep End Games, an indie studio with staff who have worked on high-profile series such as Bioshock and Dead Space. It’s expected to release later this year.

Official Website:






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